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PUBLYTO is a content portal that pursues de-blockchain based on blockchain. We deploy PUBLYTO plugins for media content to the entire internet ecosystem based on EOSIO. Conversely, PUBLYTO portal site invokes non-blockchained media and users to EOSIO. 'Mass Adoption' can be achieved. Based on bloks.io on September 8, 2018, the number of EOS accounts is 303,891, and by 2018, the global internet population is estimated at 4 billion. The number of EOS accounts is only 0.008% of the total Internet population. Media content is also growing exponentially. Ninety percent of 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and media content has been generated in the last two years. Nonetheless, the block-chained media claiming innovation is still a small share of data compared to its phase. 'Mass Adoption' is realized through the benefits offered by it rather than innovative technology. PUBLYTO connects EOSIO with world in common based on the blockchain strategy, minimizing the disparity between UX and services to enable on-boarding of off-the-shelf media and users. In addition, PUB token is equipped with an external value-chain such as TV, cinema, out of home, mobile advertising, bookstore, eCommerce, and various payment systems. PUBLYTO is expanding to public.

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