EOSfinex to Launch in Beta in Late September

The launch of the much-awaited EOS-powered crypto exchange EOSfinex is slated for late September. In a post, Bitfinex announced that it would unveil the beta version of EOSfinex during the Blockchain Live event in London.


In the post, the exchange described the three primary pillars of the EOSfinex platform.

First Pillar: Decentralization The exchange aims to facilitate on-chain order books, order book matching and settlement via a peer-to-peer exchange.

Second Pillar: Trust  Instead of opting for a “trustworthy” exchange, EOSfinex wants to focus on a trustless platform where transparency will rule an auditable network. The network can be monitored or verified by its participants at any time.

Third Pillar: Performance.

What to Expect ?

The platform will initially be released with some popular EOS Tokens and US dollar pairs — EOS/USD, BTC/USD and ETH/USD and many more.


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