EOSPanic Proxy Vote

We have created a proxy account for eos to help the community.

Our BP criteria is simple:

  • BP must run on bare metal or Hybrid Infrastructure

  • BPs Supporting DAPP Development Or Community Education

  • The order of the exchanges will be in order of popularity. So if 2 BPs meet the criteria, the one with the most votes at the time will get my vote.

There are several reasons I chose these critera, but the main reason is that they are simple and therefore easy to keep transparant.

A few important things to note:

  • I will be update this list on a monthly bases until we create a 30BP Rotation

  • I will be very much open to input, and Community Views

  • If you do not agree on the criteria,Then GG!  My main goal, is to create a proxy that will allow users accounts to stay active to prevent loss of airdrops and to support the eos network in a open and free market.

why vote through my proxy and not just do it yourself?

How do I vote through a proxy?

It’s quite easy. You’ll need to have your account set up in Scatter , and then just go to: https://eostoolkit.io/vote/setproxy

Where you will choose eospaniclife as your proxy account name.

You will need to update your proxy by resetting it again every so often. To Prvent Proxy Decay

Why should I trust you?

Yeah, you really shouldn’t. I am just a random But i do live and breath eos i have a love for the mission of eos and the plan for the ecosystem

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