EOS launches EOS Alliance, a non-profit governance group to push transparency

A worldwide group of EOS community members and Block Producers unveiled the EOS Alliance. The purpose of this alliance is to unlock the potential of EOS, the world’s fastest growing blockchain and it aims to do so by providing a collaborative, transparent decision making and information sharing platform for the EOS community.

The EOS alliance is formulated as a not for profit entity and will work by streamlining communication and education that affects EOS token holders, block producers, application creators and other stakeholders.

The initial board members include big EOS influencers such as Brock Pierce, Bancor and LiquidEOS Co-Founder Galia Benartzi, and Singer,AKON.

The guiding vision for the EOS Alliance is ‘Empower for all’. The alliance will do the following.

  1. Enable multi language conversations(initially in English, Chinese and Korean) and education on key issues and topics in the ecosystem.
  2. Facilitate discussions among different stakeholders and help workgroups make appropriate recommendations.
  3. Refrain, in accordance with the bylaws,from gaining any executive power within the EOS governance structures.

As its first act, the alliance has already started forming a series of work groups that diverse community participation to talk about and advise on the ecosystem’s biggest challenges. These workgroup topics include Dispute resolution and arbitration, Communications, Code management, Exchanges and Constitution Drafting & Adoption.

All EOS Alliance workgroups are required to operate inclusively and transparently.

The alliance will initially have seven board members with more being added later on. Within 12 months, the alliance aims to have a fully elected board, to have members of diverse backgrounds and geographic regions and representing different EOS community stakeholders and perspectives.

In addition to the seven board members, two observer seats have been created for representatives to be selected by the paid block producers through a mechanism of their own choice.

The board and the staff together are in the advanced stages of forming a legal foundation as a non-profit public benefit organization in advanced jurisdiction.


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